Effortless online bookings for moving companies

Get moves booked and provide instant moving estimates with your own rates to customers on your moving company website

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Why You Need MoveBooker

Designed to make moving companies succeed

  • Boost Sales

    Book moves and provide instant moving estimates and quotes 24x7. Get bookings from customers that prefer doing business online

  • Better Customer Service

    Your customers will appreciate the simple and sophisticated booking experience and they will tell their friends

  • A smarter business

    Using custom analytics. Our widget will let you know what actions and sources are leading to more quote requests/bookings on your websites

  • Reduced costs

    Saves countless hours required for sales reps to give quotes and book jobs 24X7. There are 744 hours in a month!

  • Better referral network

    Use referral codes for your partners so they can easily send prospects to book with you using special discount/promo codes that you can track!

  • Improved cashflow

    Collect card information upfront to enable collecting deposits easily and charging in advance of moves based on your own billing policies

Goodbye 'Get a Quote', Hello Book Now 

  • 4x sales coverage
    With 24 x 7 x 365 bookings possible. Assuming a 40 hr work week. MoveBooker is equal to 4 full time reps providing estimates and bookings round the clock. That is 744 hours a month!
  • 1,000,000+ jobs
    Booker runs on our strong technology platform that has processed over 1,200,000+ job requests and counting. Yours can be next!
  • "There is no reason why moving companies can't have great online booking experiences. Goodbye 'get quote' and 'contact us' forms. Hello, Book Now"

    Kola Ashiru, Founder MoveBooker

Everything you need to start receiving online bookings

The perfect combination of simple features that deliver powerful outcomes
  • Top-notch design

    • Mobile focused design
    • Simple and clear flow
    • Built with care
  • Ease of use

    • Friendly user experience
    • Complex rules, simple experiences
    • Like shrinking a sales rep into your website
    • Card acceptance for deposits, payments & reservations
  • Built with passion

    • Focused on your business
    • Attention to detail
    • Designed for the modern moving company

Easy pain free setup

When you create your MoveBooker account, you will get a single line of code to add to your website and it becomes immediately enabled for booking moves. 

How It Works

  • 1

    Setup your account

    Create your free trial and setup your rates in minutes. Add our MoveBooker Widget to your website. Connect your MoveBooker account to your credit card processor. We currently support Stripe as a payment gateway. Instant setup and works in 25+ countries
  • 2

    Add MoveBooker to Your Website

    Once the MoveBooker widget is added to your website, your visitors will be able to open and interact with the amazing booking flow and book all without leaving your website. You can also add your MoveBooker booking links to your social media platforms directly
  • 3

    Receive Online Bookings

    Start receiving online bookings confirmed by your users using their credit card. Ability to charge your credit cards on file based on your billing terms using your own payment gateway.
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Plans and Pricing

Risk free 14 day trial on all plans. No questions asked refund policy within the first 30 days
  • Starter

    Everything you need to start
    • ✓
      Company booking page
    • ✓
      Website widget
    • ✓
      Admin dashboard
    • ✓
      Two way email messaging
    • ✓
      Accept credit/debit cards
      We support stripe.com as a payment platform. Available in 25+ countries
  • Growth

    Accelerate your growth
    • ✓
      Everything in starter plus
    • ✓
      Promo & referral codes
    • ✓
      Ad Conversion tracking support

Things to know about MoveBooker

  • What Exactly is MoveBooker

    MoveBooker is an app you can embed on your moving website, that helps you make actual complete moving bookings/sales 24x7. We take your company specific rates and rules and create amazing online booking experiences for your customers. It's like having a sales person living inside your moving website 24X7. At a ridiculous fraction of the cost!
  • How do I get started

    Start a free trial, setup your account and add it to your website. At any point, ask us for help. No risk free trial since we will provide refund on request for your first month's subscription fee if not satisfied.
  • What is your refund policy?

    Although, you are not charged until your trial period ends. If you are not satisfied and cancel your account, you can request and will always receive a refund of your subscription fee in the last 30 days, no questions asked.
  • More about MoveBooker

    MoveBooker is brought to you by the same team that built the MoveNinja CRM for movers back in 2012. MoveBooker is a response to one of the major needs of moving companies - sales and more specifically seamless online bookings. MoveBooker offers a standalone booking platform that enables moving companies to go digital with online bookings with minimal effort.
  • Do you interact with my customers

    Never. We have always been and will always be a technology platform. All data generated on your account is yours and exclusively yours. We provide Moving companies with the tools to be successful.
  • How is this different from my Moving Software / CRM

    MoveBooker is a booking platform designed to get you sales online without the limitations of existing CRM / Moving Software. While those apps are successful because they let you operate how you want to operate, MoveBooker is designed with the customers perspective in mind to get them from discovery to booking. A tool like MoveBooker will complement any existing moving software/crm you already have.